In the heart of Sirminoe, directly on the Lake, the Ristorante Pace welcomes you to our warm and elegant dining experience. While you savour the dishes from our kitchen, enjoying a meal beside the lake waters and under the blue sky, you will be enchanted by the colours, fragrances, flavours and attention we will treat you to.

On a fabulous boat dock, furnished with style and elegance, you will delight your senses, savouring the charm of a brilliant sunset. The Ristorante also offers a large canopied patio, surrounded by lush plants and flowers. Our guests can also dine inside in the dining room with its luxurious Old English decor.
You can reach the restaurant by boat, using the mooring station reserved for the exclusive use of restaurant patrons.


Ristorante Pace - P.zza Porto Valentino, 5 - 25019 Sirmione (Brescia)
Tel +39 030 9905877 r.a. - Fax +39 030 9196097 P.I. 00708750989