Tradition, quality and flavours are revived by the creativity of our chef: Mauro Botti


At the Ristorante Pace, you will delight in the flavours that tradition and local production have kept intact over time. We choose only the finest ingredients, always searching for high quality and freshness, buying from local growers who continue the tradition and gastronomy of Sirmione and our Lake.

However, we still add our own style to this long-standing tradition. Mauro Botti, our chef, lends his own modern touch to local recipes, adding flavour and creativity. Mauro’s unique interpretation of traditional cuisine gives dishes a special appeal that lights up the palate with surprise and satisfaction.

Lake fish is one of our specialities and is always on our menu. Local Whitefish, European perch, Carp, and eel are just some of the typical fish in Lake Garda and we prepare each with special attention to seasonality and the quantities available, adding our special flair and using fresh new combinations and preparation methods to enhance the natural flavour.

We make our pasta, bread and desserts by hand in house, to bring the utmost in quality and freshness to your meal.

Ristorante Pace - P.zza Porto Valentino, 5 - 25019 Sirmione (Brescia)
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